• Protection aprons
    Lead aprons are of the utmost importance. This is the only way to avoid the long-term effects of radiation. Make sure your aprons meet minimum standards according to the Ministry of Health - Canada

    ALL APRONS ARE CERTIFIED 0.5 mm at 150 kVp.

  • Supports supports
    Protect your investment by storing your protective apparel on our robust and sustainable lead deck supports.

  • Accessories accessoires
    Our radiation protection accessories offer the highst standards of protection and comfort available.

  • Lunettes de protection lunettes
    Our leaded protective glasses offer comfort and a stylish look while providing eye protection against x-rays.

  • Apron measurements measurements
    Univest-X can travel to take apron measurements,
    free of charge but certaines conditions apply.
    Contact us for more info !

univest-x warranty UNIVEST-X garantees all lead x-ray protection aprons from material defects and workmanship
for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. Some terms and conditions apply.


Univest-X Inc. has over 25 years experience in the manufacturing and distribution of radiation protective clothing and devices. ( Lead aprons, thyroid collars, lead glasses, apron hangers etc...) In 1999 after a long carrer as an alpine ski coach I took over the familly buisness founded in 1985.

To date we are proud to be the pioneers of the industry and still the only manufacturer of radiation protective garments in Quebec (Canada) We have for long been the leading manufacturer of personal radiation products across Canada. Our products have earned a reputation of the highest quality across a wide-range of industry applications.

Our mission is to provide only the highest quality of products entirely made in Canada that meet all Health Canada standards. Hospitals, vets, dentists, radiology clinics whatever your need Univest-X is the the # 1 choice to protect your health.

James Depelteau


There are no secrets to a light apron, the secret is in the quality !

Our single goal : make aprons ensuring maximum long-term protection available on the market.

Univest-X has full control of the quality, allowing us to closely inspect each product through its stages of production to the end.

We specialize in radiation protection. All our main materials are processed and tested for pinholes and streaks using a calibrated optical densitometer. This process allows us to ensure a consistent .50 mm Pb barrier and meet the highest standards of radiation protection. Our superior lead shielding and coatings and sustainable material binding, combine to produce a quality product.

All Aprons are available in LIGHT or ULTRA-LIGHT which is about 30% lighter than standard aprons.

did u know

The rules in the provinces of Canada require a minimum of protection to counter the long-term effects of x-rays on health.

Actually, the provinces in recent years require a minimum protection of .5 mm on the front of the protective vest. In Quebec, many vests feature .25 mm which require well folding both sides to obtain the minimum of .5 mm.

Univest-X's protection vests are in compliance with this minimum.


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